Launch Pad 16: Put the “E” into “Evangelism”

Hardly a day goes by without yet another product being updated, digitised, and relaunched with an “e” prefix. We’ve had e-mail, e-bikes, e-books, e-cigarettes and thousands more products. I even saw an advert for an “e-toaster” (which connected to your WiFi and would ping your phone when your bagel was done!) In our digital, highly-Internet-connected age, maybe we can do the same for “e-vangelism”!

Many of us have a complicated relationship with the Internet. Some of us spend way too much time on it! And others of us get sucked into the black hole of the culture wars waging online: I’m reminded of the cartoon of the man sitting at the kitchen table, staring bleary-eyed into his laptop and shouting over his shoulder, “Honey, I can’t come to bed yet—somebody is wrong on the Internet!”

But maybe there’s a better way of being a Christian online. If you’re on any kind of social media platform, what about trying some simple “e-vangelism” by getting into the habit of sharing good quality, thought-provoking content regularly online? Things that your non-Christian friends might be intrigued by, not wound up by? For example:

  1. You could post a Have You Ever Wondered? article or video. These are great little pieces designed to gently get people thinking about spiritual themes. (We heard recently from one man who had great success starting conversations by dropping these occasionally into his village WhatsApp group).
  2. Or try a Short Answers video. Don’t merely post it: put a little comment with it, maybe “I found this video quite thought-provoking: what do you think?”
  3. Keep on the lookout for Christian material that engages the issues of the day in a thoughtful way: for example, our friends at Seen & Unseen have some great resources.
  4. Share a Bible verse that has encouraged you (and say why). You could use a free tool like Canva to make it look attractive in a post.
  5. Talk about a film or TV show that’s raised a spiritual question for you. Or mention a good Christian one—The Chosen would be an excellent example.

And don’t forget to pray as you do this. Here’s a prayer you might use: Lord, please help me be neither addicted to nor afraid of the digital world, but to use it as a space in which to be a faithful witness for you. Amen!

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