Burning Questions

Burning Questions is a six-part video series exploring the greatest questions of life, God, faith and humanity – which Andy Bannister developed a few years ago. To mark its revamp and re-release, our friends at Talon Productions are offering readers of the Solas website the opportunity to get a significant discount on the purchase price. Read-on for details!


Each 45-minute programme can be watched individually, or used for a group-study using the accompanying study guide.

In each video, a young-looking Andy Bannister interviews significant people with a range of views; Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Agnostics and more – to compare their views on things such as the existence and nature of God, the problem of evil, and who was Jesus. It’s a highly quality production, which is accessible for audiences with or without faith – who are open to a robust discussion about these ideas. Having said that, it probably won’t appeal to people who do not want their thinking challenged, or to hear viewpoints with which they disagree! Anyone who is willing to ‘follow the evidence where it leads’ will gain a huge amount from this enjoyable series.

Here’s the trailer for episode one!

The opening episode examines the existence of God. Professor Peter Atkins – the atheist scientist leads the charge against belief, and a range of people from different faiths respond. In Episode Two, the issue up for debate is “God and Science” – with the claim that science has made faith redundant, put under the microscope. That leads into the fact that belief in God always leads to discussion pf the problem of evil. If He exists, why is the world as it is? In Episode Three “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is debated. Then in Episode Four, religious pluralism is faced – because if people are spiritually hungry, how can they decide what to believe or what is actually true. is there any way of knowing which beliefs are actually true? The Fifth Episode focuses specifically on Christianity and whether the Bible can be trusted, while the Sixth and final episode looks at Jesus Christ himself.

The Burning Questions series is available to download from https://burningquestions.ca/ . To get the Solas readers’ discount, type the code SolasBQ2208 into the space marked “Coupon” at the checkout. The full price for the series is $24.99 (USD), and the discount will reduce that by $5. The accompanying study guide is a free download, which you can access here. This takes all the work out of making a series of videos into an easily useable resource for group discussion. If anyone enjoyed “Exploring The God Question”, https://www.solas-cpc.org/exploring-the-god-question-review/ DVD series which looked at God and Science, they will appreciate “The Burning Question” – which broadens the discussion from science out into questions of culture, value, purpose, hope, meaning and Jesus.