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Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ – a depressing view of our Humanity

BY SARAH ALLEN - Harari’s rejection of meaning offers no hope for this chaos, but unintentionally points us in the right direction.   We humans desperately need meaning because we are cooperating and communicating persons made in the image of the personal three-in-one God.   We need to know that our values of love and justice and our feelings of pain and compassion are not part of a lifeless algorithm, or a convenient myth, but have significance beyond our brain chemistry

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Speak Up – The Law and Your Gospel Freedoms

Speak Up is a new resource from the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith. http://eauk.org/current-affairs/politics/speak-up.cfm “We have needed something like Speak Up for a long time. It is balanced, informative, clear, well-written, wise, biblical and …

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Challenging the Dominant Narrative

Solas book editor GAVIN MATTHEWS talks to acclaimed Christian apologist ALISTER MCGRATH about his new book, Inventing the Universe. Tell us about Inventing the Universe. What is it about, why did you write it, and who is it for?   I wrote it because I wanted to explain the kind of journey I made from being an atheist who thought …

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A Mission of Mercy – book

Andrew Murray (not that one!) has written a book on Thomas Guthrie. You may remember that Guthrie’s “Ragged Schools” featured in last year’s conference, in David Robertson’s talk on Education and the Poor. Here is what Andrew says about his book: ‘A Mission of Mercy’ came out of a frustration that much of the Christian …

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Reclaiming Reason – book

Reclaiming Reason by Richard Gamble carries the very appropriate subtitle Believers Think – Thinkers Believe.  It is a concise and useful book that tackles five arguments for the existence of God along with five very common objections.  Richard hails from Glasgow and has links with Solas CPC through the Solas Connect training course.  He also …

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