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Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ – a depressing view of our Humanity

BY SARAH ALLEN - Harari’s rejection of meaning offers no hope for this chaos, but unintentionally points us in the right direction.   We humans desperately need meaning because we are cooperating and communicating persons made in the image of the personal three-in-one God.   We need to know that our values of love and justice and our feelings of pain and compassion are not part of a lifeless algorithm, or a convenient myth, but have significance beyond our brain chemistry

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The only way the Reformation could possibly not still matter, says MICHAEL REEVES, would be if beauty, goodness, truth, joy and human flourishing no longer mattered. Some 120 years after the Reformation got going, some 120 scholars assembled in Westminster to write the necessary documents for a reformed church in England. The first question and …

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Removing religious education from schools condemns our children to ignorance about a key dimension of human life.  By JOHN DICKSON   IF a devout group of naysayers get their way there will come a time, soon, when there won’t be any  sympathetic religious instruction in our schools. It’s time for those who know the positive benefits …

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Celebrated as one of the world’s most influential artists, often neglected is the thread of Christianity that wove itself throughout the Dutch post-impressionist’s brief and at times turbulent life.  BY SUSAN MANSFIELD   I remember, once, listening to the curator of a major Van Gogh exhibition give an account of the artist’s life. Looking faintly embarrassed, she …

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