Confident Christianity Belfast


It took a lot of planning, and a Covid-related delay in the middle, but we finally managed to bring our Confident Christianity conference to Belfast in conjunction with our hosts Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The aim of the conference is to encourage, inspire and equip Christians to share their faith more naturally, confidently and winsomely with their non-Christian friends, family and colleagues.

John Roger from Stranmillis EPC kicked the day off with a devotional message from John 1, about how Peter became a follower of Jesus. The answer is that he was introduced to The Lord by Andrew, and that what we call ‘evangelism’ is doing that for others.

Andy Bannister spoke about sharing your faith without getting fired, and Andy  Moore looked at evangelism in a post-Covid context. Solas’s Gareth Black then looked at the objection that religion is part of what is wrong with the world, and how we might answer that. After lunch, Andy Moore looked at trusting God in troubled times, and Gareth at answering the objection that ‘the God of the Old Testament is a Moral Monster’ before Andy Bannister delivered the final talk on the uniqueness of Jesus. As usual Solas conferences always feature Q&A – an opportunty to interact with the speakers and their ideas.

The Confident Christianity conference can be a helpful tool for mobilising churches in evangelism – and we lovetaking it to different locations around the UK. We have a great team of speakers with a range of expertise in different fields who can help churches to address the particular challenges and opportuntiies for the gospel in their context. If you’d like to find out how a Confident Christianty conference could be held in your town or city, please hit the ‘Connect’ button above and send us a message! We’d love to bring this really helpful event to you!

Here are some photos from the Belfast conference: