Confident Christianity in Forres

The beautiful Morayshire town of Forres was the destination for Solas and another great evening spent with wonderful Christian folks who were enthusiastic about learning to get better at sharing their faith.
Our hosts were Forres Baptist Church, who did a great job in both running the event and publicising it around the churches in NE Scotland. The result was a really good turnout of people representing several churches.
Andy Bannister spoke about how to engage non-Christian folks in hepful conversations about Jesus, in places like the secular workplace – and hwo the wise use of questions is a way of opening up useful discussions. His second talk was entitled, “five steps for answering any tough question”, looking at ways we should faithfully, and graciously respond to the objections that people raise we invite them to consider Jesus. A wide-ranging time of Q&A then followed in which questions on everything from Christianity and the environment to eastern religions, to workplace evangelism were raised in a really constructive and helpful way.
Rev Dr Jon Mackenzie, Pastor or Forres Baptist Church summarised it like this:

“Forres Baptist Church ran a ‘Confident Christianity Conference’ hosted by Solas and led by Andy Bannister that proved to be a time of real blessing and encouragement. We had over one hundred people turn up to an event that was designed for people to become better equipped at sharing their faith in Jesus, which has to be a major encouragement! What a blessing to run out of parking spaces, not something many church events usually have to face, and to have people from so many local fellowships coming together to partnership in the gospel.”