Steve goes to Forres

A few weeks ago we (me and our Operations Director, Mike Causey) were in Forres for a Confident
Christianity evening at Forres Baptist Church. It was my first trip up north since arriving in Scotland a
few months ago, and so I thoroughly enjoyed the trip – what a beautiful country we’re in!

This is the third Confident Christianity event Solas has done at Forres Baptist Church, and we came
away very encouraged by the response to the event despite the wet, chilly weather on the evening.
Being invited to do an event is always great, but even more so to see that the work of Solas is highly
valued in that we are invited back again, and again!

On the evening I did two talks. The first titled What About the Bible: Fact or Fairy Tale? This is one of my favourite topics to speak on as it’s something that really intrigued me when I was in my late
teens and heard someone share some evidence for the reliability of the Bible. The second talk was
on Jesus and the Failures of the Church – a tough topic, but one that we can’t shy away from as we
look to bring real and honest answers to some of the stumbling blocks that people have when
considering the Gospel.

All in all it was a great evening with some lively Q&A where there were a wide range of questions, and some tough ones given all that is going on around the world in terms of war, such as we currently see in Gaza and Ukraine.

We look forward to serving our friends in Forres again soon.