PEP Talk Podcast With Dan Strange

When you are sharing the gospel with the people around you, do you think about connecting with them or confronting them? How did Paul approach the members of the culture he worked in? This time on PEP Talk we discuss bringing the gospel into our secular culture with Dan Strange, author of Plugged In: Connecting your faith with what you read, watch and play (available through 10ofThose here).

With Dan Strange PEP Talk

Our Guest

Dan Strange is College Director at Oak Hill Theological College and Lecturer in Culture, Religion, and Public Theology.  His books include For Their Rock is Not as Our Rock: An Evangelical Theology of Religions (Apollos, 2014; Zondervan, 2015) and Plugged In: Connecting your faith with what you watch, read, and play (The Good Book Company, 2019). Dan is married to Elly, has seven kids and is an elder at East Finchley Baptist Church.