PEP Talk Podcast With Dominic Muir

Street Evangelism. A phrase conjuring up images of crazy preachers with placards reading “The End is Nigh”, one that strikes fear in many Christians. Is it a thing of the past, with no place in our multicultural 21st century cities? Or is it still a means that God can use, even one He still calls us to?

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Our Guest

Dominic Muir is an apostolic pioneer, evangelist, teacher, author (‘God Hunger: Meditations from a Life of Longing’ and ‘Firebrand: Devotions from a Life of Burning’) and revivalist with a passion for street ministry and the priesthood of all believers. Dominic runs Jesus Fields (, a bi-annual gathering of radical disciples, The Wesley Academy, an online school of evangelism, is co-founder (with his wife) of I Am So Many Things (, a business and ministry which celebrates true identity through courses, books and beautiful products and is also founder of ‘David’s Tent’, a three day annual Christian worship event in the UK ( Dominic is married to Thea and they have two children. 

About PEP Talk

The Persuasive Evangelism Podcast aims to equip listeners to share their faith more effectively in a sceptical world. Each episode, Andy Bannister (Solas) and Kristi Mair (Oak Hill College) chat to a guest who has a great story, a useful resource, or some other expertise that helps equip you to talk persuasively, winsomely, and engagingly with your friends, colleagues and neighbours about Jesus.