PEP Talk Podcast With Greg Ganssle

Sometimes Christians focus on proving that Christianity is true, failing to realise that many people don’t care that it’s true. But what do they care about? Andy and Kristi are joined by Greg Ganssle to discuss how focussing our conversations on the deepest human desires can bring us right to the heart of the gospel. Greg also reminds us that “Any conversation that continues is a successful conversation.”

Greg recently contributed two articles to our “A Beginner’s Guide to Apologetics” series: The Best Fit Argument Part One and Part Two.

With Greg Ganssle PEP Talk

Our Guest

Greg Ganssle is Professor of Philosophy at Biola University in Los Angeles. Greg worked in campus ministry before earning his doctorate at Syracuse University in 1995. He worked at Yale University for nine years before joining Biola. He is author of several books, including Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations (IVP, 2017)