PEP Talk Podcast With Michael Ots

For many people, God and faith aren’t the things they’re most interested in. But most people are interested in (and have an opinion on!) big questions about life. What are those questions? How have they changed over the years? And how can we show that a Christian worldview makes the best sense of these life questions?

Come hear today’s guest, Michael Ots, at our Confident Christianity Conference at Sheddocksley Baptist Church on 25 September 2021.

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Our Guest

Michael Ots was Minister of Evangelism at Lansdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth for five years before becoming a travelling evangelist. He is passionate about sharing his faith through university missions in the UK and outreaches in Europe with organisations such as IFES and the European Leadership Forum. His books include “What Kind of God?”, “What Kind of Hope?”, “But Is It True?” and his latest title “Making Sense of Life”. Find them all at

About PEP Talk

The Persuasive Evangelism Podcast aims to equip listeners to share their faith more effectively in a sceptical world. Each episode, Andy Bannister (Solas) and Kristi Mair (Oak Hill College) chat to a guest who has a great story, a useful resource, or some other expertise that helps equip you to talk persuasively, winsomely, and engagingly with your friends, colleagues and neighbours about Jesus.