PEP Talk with Adam White

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When it comes to sharing our faith, we are blessed with a wealth of books and writings available from articulate Christians defending and presenting the gospel. Today on PEP Talk we have a great testimony from someone whose reading quest helped immensely in moving him from atheism to Christ. He now works for a Christian book distributor and gives us some great recommendations for books and evangelistic tracts we might find helpful.


Adam’s Tract Recommendations:
Christmas tracts by Roger Carswell
Peace on Earth?
Love at Christmas
Whiter Than Snow

Titantic (A night to remember)
Last on God’s List

The Scariest Stories Are the True Ones – Halloween tract 

Book Recommendations:
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
Mere Christianity and The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis
Strange New World by Carl Trueman
Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox

Our Guest

Adam White became a Christian in 2020 after reading book after book on the evidence for Christianity. He now travels around Scotland recommending books that point people to Jesus in his role with, the Christian book ministry. Adam loves reading and has a keen interest in apologetics, spending his free time giving seminars on how to talk to atheists and engaging people in 1-2-1 evangelism.

About PEP Talk

The Persuasive Evangelism Podcast aims to equip listeners to share their faith more effectively in a sceptical world. Each episode, Andy Bannister (Solas) and Kristi Mair (Oak Hill College) chat to a guest who has a great story, a useful resource, or some other expertise that helps equip you to talk persuasively, winsomely, and engagingly with your friends, colleagues and neighbours about Jesus.