University College London (UCL)

It was great fun to travel up to London to lead a session of the Christian Union at University College London (UCL). I spent an evening with the students helping to encourage and equip them to share their faith in Christ with their friends and colleagues there at university.

So often it is easy on campus to play “undercover Christian”, to nervously hide your faith away, only really talking about it within the safety of Christian circles. My job was to give these Christian students some very practical and easy-to-use tools with which to initiate spiritual conversations with classmates and so forth.

It was great to chat to many of the students after the formal part of the meeting had ended. They were keen to tell me about what is going on in their university, and what they have been trying in mission.

One of the things we most love at Solas is our partnerships with churches and CU groups in mission. Sometimes this is helping to share the gospel directly by speaking to non-Christian audiences on campuses, at other times it is about helping to equip groups like these students to reach out to others with the gospel.

We are praying, hoping and planning towards making our forthcoming Have You Ever Wondered? book as widely available as we can to help with this. It will be useful for so many audiences, but we think that it will be an especially helpful book for sharing the gospel on campuses, and we are really excited about the potential it could achieve. We assist with a lot of university missions every year, and so we have a real passion to invest as much as we can in student ministry like this.