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Why are religious people such hypocrites?

The religious and people of faith are often accused of being hypocritical; of not living up to the standards we expect of others. In this Short/Answer, Andy Bannister looks into hypocrisy in religion and in the wider society, it’s roots, the dangers, and the Bible’s answers to our hypocrisy.   Share SHORT ANSWERS on social …

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What is Wrong With the World?

Ask somebody “What’s wrong with the world?” and everybody has an opinion. Everybody thinks *something* is wrong with the world—but what if most people have mistaken the symptoms for the diagnosis? The Christian faith has a lot to say about what the real cause of the world’s problems might be—and also a unique take on …

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What is the Gospel? Part two

What is this “gospel” that Christians get so excited about? In the latest episode of SHORT/ANSWERS, Andy Bannister shows how to answer that question in just three words. Whether you’re an atheist, skeptic, agnostic, or seeker baffled about the whole thing — or a Christian who’d love to be able to explain “the gospel” more …

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What is the Gospel?

Short Answers 35: What is the Gospel? What does it mean, and why does it matter? In the first of a two part series, Andy Bannister unpacks the term and explains why its meaning is important. Share SHORT ANSWERS on social media Please share this video widely with friends or family and for more SHORTANSWERS …

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Is religion the cause of most wars? | Andy Bannister

Religion is the main cause of wars, isn’t it? Some atheists certainly claim so. “Look at Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, ISIS, 911!” they say. In episode 34 of SHORT/ANSWERS, Andy Bannister asks whether it’s true or not and explores an alternative solution that could get to the real heart of the problem. Share SHORT/ANSWERS on social …

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Why did Jesus have to die? | Andy Bannister

You’ve heard that Jesus died. The question is why? Why does it matter? Why does it make a difference? Following on from the last episode Andy Bannister explains more in this episode 32 of SHORT/ANSWERS. Share SHORT/ANSWERS on social media Please share this video widely with friends or family and for more SHORT/ANSWERS videos, visit …

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