Launch Pad 1: No More ‘Undercover Christian’

Welcome to Launch Pad, a brand new series from Solas. Each week throughout 2024 we’ll be sharing a short article designed to help you talk more about Jesus: at work or school, among your family, friends, and colleagues.

Many Christians are naturally nervous of talking about our faith and so the rocket of evangelism just sits on the ground. But Launch Pad will help get some rocket fuel into your tank, as it provides ideas for prayer, practical ideas to try out, stories to motivate you, and biblical wisdom to inspire you.

It can be helpful to begin by realising that when it comes to being afraid of sharing your faith you’re not alone. Survey after survey has shown that the majority of Christians don’t find it easy. In his book, How To Talk About Jesus Without Looking an Idiot, Solas Director Andy Bannister tells the story of his first job. Andy worked for the NHS for six years, helping a hospital in London organise medical conferences. He loved his job but admits there was a bit of problem. For outside work Andy was very involved in his local church. But inside work he was something of an Undercover Christian.

Undercover Christian would make a great movie title, wouldn’t it! All about Christians sneaking around at work or school, hoping nobody ever points the finger and says: “Hey, you’re a Christian, aren’t you?”

It’s very easy to play Undercover Christian at work, at school, or among our friends. Keep your head down, talk about anything but faith, whilst inwardly feeling ever more guilty and inadequate. And each day that you don’t mention your faith it gets that little bit harder.

How did Andy break free of the Undercover Christian mould? He was helped by the encouragement of friends, by praying, and by discovering the many examples in the Bible of God using ordinary, flawed people as evangelists. But it also helped when he began praying, each day he went into work, for God to create natural opportunities for him to talk about his faith. Then committing to have the courage to step into them when they came.

So why not start this New Year with a prayer: Lord, I’m sorry for the times I’m tempted to be an Undercover Christian. Please forgive me—and please begin creating opportunities for me to naturally introduce my faith into conversations this year. Amen.

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