Launch Pad 25: Practice your testimony and pray for an opportunity to share it

I love engaging with the big questions about life:  where do we come from? why are we here? what is the good life? what happens when we die? – and showing how the Christian faith has good answers to these questions which are both existentially satisfying and intellectually robust. Along with that, the Bible also commends that we share our own story of how we came to put our faith in Christ, and how he has changed our lives. Evangelism can never be simply academic, it must also be personal, we should be willing to talk about God’s finding us and working in our lives to mould, comfort, challenge, and grow us.

Sometimes we hear the testimonies of those who are radically changed by Jesus breaking them out of the prison of drug addiction, gangsterism, or militant scientific atheism, and we can think that perhaps our story is less powerful. Let me encourage you that it is not. It’s in no way less significant when you remember that each and every person who is saved by Christ has the most significant story to tell – they were dead, and now they are alive. That is significant! And that is a story worth telling, and your unique story will appeal someone like you. A good testimony is not one which is dramatic, it just has to be true!

Your story of God’s saving you, and then His work of continual grace in your life is something that you can share with anyone – and it’s a story that cannot be taken from you. No argument can steal it, no objection topple it – it is the story of you meeting your saviour and being rescued from darkness. The fear of death evaporated by life eternal, the guilt of sin overwhelmed by radical grace, the loneliness of the world dimmed as we are bought and brought into a family and woven into Christ as the body, each one of us. You have a story to tell!

We can each tell the story of God’s grace in our life in so many ways. Spend some time thinking about the difference that your faith in Jesus makes in your life even today as you face the world, and then pray for opportunity to tell that story.

Prayer: ‘Lord, give me opportunity to tell my story’

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