Launch Pad 28: Blog Your Testimony

Pete is a prodigious blogger. He writes about his work as a GP, books, life and cricket! Whatever he is writing about, what regularly comes through it is his faith in Jesus.

Have you ever considered writing your testimony and sharing it online? Simple free tools like Blogger provide the platform; you provide the words. Your story is unique, interesting and compelling. Why not write up your story and share it with the world?

When you do, here are few pointers:

1) Just tell your story. If you are a former axe-murder then tell that story—but if you were sitting in your office wondering if there was more to life than budgets and spreadsheets when one day someone gave you a Bible, then tell that. Don’t add, subtract, or embellish the truth—nor deny what God has done.

2) The power of testimony is that it speaks directly to people like you. If you came from a Christian home and had to wrestle with making your faith your own then that will speak to people like you. If you came from another faith, that will be helpful to others who share your background. If you came to Christ in later life, or had to wrestle with a particular doubt or objection, share it so that it will encourage fellow-travellers on the same road.

3) Always emphasise your faults and weaknesses, not your strengths. A story told humbly draws people in; but triumphalism repels!

3) Keep it up to date, don’t only talk about how you became a Christian, but talk about what Christ in doing in your life now. (see Paul in Acts 25 as an example).

4) If you are an experienced writer, post your blog; but if not, maybe get a friend to proof-read it and help knock it into shape.

5) Share the results. Each blog post you create has a unique web address and can be posted across social media platforms. Send it to your friends and ask for their comments. Ask Christian friends to share it more widely.

6) Consider taking a lead, writing your story—and then suggesting to your church leader that you collect and publish testimonies from around the church family?

Pray: Father, thanks for what you have done in my life! Please give me the courage and words to share it with others. Amen.

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