Launch Pad 4: Mention something about the difference your faith makes to one person today

How do we move a conversation to a place where we can speak about our faith? Why not try sharing just one thing about the difference that faith makes in your life today, and trust that the Lord will guide the conversation from there.

How do we do this? I hear you ask. Let me share just a few thoughts that I hope will help you.

Step 1: REFLECT!

We first need to stop and actually think about how our faith makes a difference in our lives. So let me encourage you to pause, quiet your mind, and start thinking about your life and the difference that following Jesus makes. Think about the radical grace that God has offered to sinners like you and me. Think about the things you do, or don’t do and how your faith influences those things for the better? Think about your self-perceptions, how does God’s grace to you change the way you think and feel about yourself? Think about your relationships – how has your faith changed the way you interact with friends and family?

We need to first know and reflect on the many ways that the difference our faith makes in our daily lives before we can share that authentically with others.

Step 2: PRAY!

We can call on the Lord at any time (1 John 5:15) – so as we are in conversation with people, be actively praying that you will find opportunity to share something about the difference that your faith makes.

Step 3: LISTEN!

Ask good questions (see week 2), and then focus as you listen to what the other person says, and look for a point of connection where you can then share about the difference that your faith has made given the issue or topic they have mentioned.

Step 4: SHARE!

Here’s an example: Someone mentioned to me that they were anxious about finances as the look at the year ahead. I replied that I share the feeling in many ways, but over the years I’ve seen how God has provided for me, and so I trust that ultimately He will give me what I need – and suddenly the conversation became about God, and the difference that my faith in Him makes in my life.

Prayer: Lord, help me see the ways that you have transformed my life, and to share that with others.

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