Launch Pad 27: Gear life-events towards non-Christians too

A little while ago our church was preparing a baby dedication service. The pastor reminded the congregation to get there early to get seating because there would be lots of visitors coming along to support the families.

A few weeks later I was officiating a wedding for a young couple, and I was absolutely astounded by the number of non-Christian friends that attended. The bride was the captain of one of the national sports teams, and had invited all of her friends and team members – and had asked me to share the Gospel as clearly as I could, because she really wanted her friends to come to know Jesus too!

Church-Life events are gospel opportunities to which people outside the church are often willing to come to. But we need to make sure that everything done at these events clearly points to Jesus, and that the Gospel is made really clear, not buried beneath obscure language or customs. This is especially true for big celebrations like baby dedications, baptisms, weddings and engagements parties. But, it’s also true of more sombre events, like funerals. Just as much as friends and family will readily come to celebrate with us in things like dedications and baptisms, they will also be there to support us through the tougher things life will throw our way. But funerals, perhaps even more so than the other events, are a time to point to Jesus – even in the midst of sorrow. Oftentimes the reality of our finitude is made all the more stark as we consider our mortality – especially at funerals, and the hope of the Gospel is perhaps more clearly seen for many when confronted with the reality of death.

So, how do we do this? In the lead up to any of these events, why not speak to your pastor and mention that there will be those coming along who aren’t Christians, and ask him to make the Gospel clear, and give a clear invitation for next steps. If you are leading the service or sharing the message, don’t be afraid to share boldly about what the gospel is and of what Jesus has done in your life! And whether you are leading, participating or attending, invite everyone you can to attend!

Prayer: ‘Lord, please help me to see all the opportunities you lay before me to share the Gospel’.

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