PEP Talk Podcast With Pete Nicholas

Pete Nicholas joins us today to speak about sharing Jesus in a diverse part of London. What are the questions cropping up and challenges to be had when sharing the gospel?

With Pete Nicholas PEP Talk

Our Guest

Pete Nicholas is Senior Minister at Inspire Saint James Clerkenwell in London and Chair of Trustees of City to City UK. After working for Christians in Sport, Pete co-led the church plant ‘Inspire London’ which started back in 2013 and when Inspire combined with Saint James Clerkenwell as a revitalisation the two churches became ‘Inspire Saint James Clerkenwell’. Pete speaks around the UK and has authored three books, ‘Virtually Human: flourishing in a digital age’, ‘Five Things to Pray for your City’, and most recently ‘A Place for God?

About PEP Talk

The Persuasive Evangelism Podcast aims to equip listeners to share their faith more effectively in a sceptical world. Each episode, Andy Bannister (Solas) and Kristi Mair (Oak Hill College) chat to a guest who has a great story, a useful resource, or some other expertise that helps equip you to talk persuasively, winsomely, and engagingly with your friends, colleagues and neighbours about Jesus.