Students at St Pete’s

Back in the depths of winter, Andy Bannister was invited to speak at the student group at St Peter’s Free Church of Scotland in Dundee. St Pete’s is a church with a long association with Solas (!) so it was great to be there and meet their student group which meets on a Sunday night. When Andy visited them, there were about 45 students there. After the long-months of Covid-restrictions, meeting people in-person is always a great joy! One of the students, Jonathan McClung wrote this report of the evening for us.

Andy Bannister came to St Peter’s and talked about sharing Hope during the Coronavirus crisis- He used 1 Peter 1:3-5 to show the unique wonder of the Christian hope. That our hope is grounded in the resurrection and God’s promise of Christ’s return where He shall create a new heaven and earth.

Following this he gave a number of top tips for evangelism with a focus on sharing our Hope in Christ with others.

For many of us the highlights of the evening were his top four tips regarding evangelism today under the restrictions we have, which were particularly helpful. He encouraged us to get to know our neighbours and take time with those we come across and that was very helpful.

The worst joke Andy told was that it was fortunate people were wearing masks because he couldn’t tell whether they were laughing or not!

We really hope to be able to put what he said into practice!

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