Stirling University Christian Union – students on a mission

Stirling University Christian Union is a CU that Solas has a great relationship with. Andy Bannister led their mission week last year, and Gavin Matthews spoke at their houseparty. A few weeks ago Andy was back in Stirling for their weekly meeting on the campus.

There was a crowd of 70-80 people there, who were squeezed into the chaplaincy. The CU are really active in evangelism, and so Andy been asked to do some practical teaching on that. He has a session entitled, “How to talk about Jesus without looking like an idiot”, which outlines some very practical ideas from the Bible – about helpful ways in engaging in conversations about the Christian faith with people who do not believe it.
This a really important topic for the students, as on campuses as many people are genuinely afraid that if they talk about their faith in Jesus they will look like fools in front of their peers or Profs. So Andy took the students through some examples of how to have more useful conversations by asking really good questions – opening up friendly, respectful dialogue with people. It was great to see the students engaging really positively with this approach to evangelism, and they asked really great questions too. Some of them posed questions relating to specific situations, or likely scenarios they might face, and we thought through together what might be the best approach to take.
Solas really likes resourcing Christian Unions on campuses and Stirling are a really missional CU. Their current president, Cameron, is going to be on a forthcoming edition of our Solas Podcast – (PEP Talk – the Persuasive Evangelism Podcast). So look out for that when it is published in the New Year! Links to that will be posted here on the Solas blog, and from our social media feeds when it is published. Christian Union leaders, engaged in evangelism gain a wealth of experience and have loads of good ideas to pass onto the next load of students coming in – so we’re looking forward to hearing some of that on the podcast.