Steve on a Mission in Edinburgh

Duncan Street Baptist is a church which meets on the south side of Central Edinburgh,  not far from the city’s famous Meadows. Under the leadership of their pastor Robert Murdock, Duncan Street Baptist Church are engaged in various outreach and evangelism initiatives, talking the gospel of Christ to their neighbours and communities. Along with a commitment to training and equipping church members for talking about Jesus, Duncan Street Baptist Church also hosts regular Christianity Explored courses, which takes people through Mark’s gospel in an informal and interactive way. Many people have become Christian through Christianity Explored, it’s a really valuable tool for local churches.

In addition to these ongoing ministries, Duncan Street Baptist have been holding outreach evenings, opening up the Christian answers to some of the biggest question of our age. With surveys and scholars saying that people today are searching for the meaning, purpose, value of life and looking for happiness, the church was keen to show people that Jesus provides the surest foundation for answering today’s big questions.

Steve Osmond from Solas spent three evenings with the folks from Duncan Street, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  The church advertised these events with personal invitations, social media content and by handing out flyers around their neighbourhood and got Steve to address three big questions:

Can Happiness Last? Can Science and God Co-Exist? And “Given All the Options, Why Jesus?’

The church was delighted that people who are not yet Christians, came along and engaged with these sessions. Robert Murdock from Duncan Street wrote:

“Steve did an excellent job addressing three questions, Can happiness last?, Can Science and God Coexist? and Why Jesus? His presentations had depth and were thought provoking, respectful and persuasive. We had a number of people attend who were exploring what the Christian message was and how it was relevant to them and Steve’s presentations allowed them to do that without feeling pressured. Without any hesitation I would recommend Steve and the Solas team to any Church that wants to try and engage the people who live around us with reasons to believe.”

There are many, many different ways of sharing the Christian faith with folks outside the church! Holding an event like these is a great way of engaging people with the Christian faith in a respectful, thoughtful and persuasive way – or launching your Christianity Explored, Alpha or other outreach course. Solas speakers address these kinds of meetings every month, all over the country and have a range of suitable talks ready to help non-Christian audiences see the importance and relevance of Jesus. If we can help your church to run an event like this, please get in touch by pressing the ‘’ button at the top of this page.