Confident Christianity in Dewsbury

The historical market town of Dewsbury lies between Huddersfield and Leeds in West Yorkshire, and our hosts for the Connected Conference there were Dewsbury Evangelical Church. They did a great job of welcoming the Solas team as well as guests from loads of different local churches around the area. On this occasion they combined their “Connected Conference” which takes place in Dewsbury  every year, with our “Confident Christianity conference” which tours the UK. The result was a day of equipping and training local Christians to share the gospel of Jesus with wisdom, clarity and confidence. Andy was joined on the speaking team by Dave Hutchings, and you can hear more from them about the day in the video above.

Solas’s Confident Christianity conference is a popular way of helping churches to stay focussed on evangelism and equip believers to more wisely share their faith. We’ve worked with churches from the furthest reaches of northern Scotland, to the Isle of Jersey; from Norfolk in the East to Cornwall in the West. Please do get in contact to find out how to bring an event like this to your church.