Three Universities

The beginning of the new year has been an exciting time of outreach activities at universities across the country.  It has been particularly joyful for me (David) to get involved with Christian Unions again and engage with questioning students. In the past month I have been to three very different mission weeks – each unique and reflective of the university they are in.
First of all was Durham – a beautiful university town with a large and active CU – I loved doing the lunch bar there and then had the delight of sitting beside a couple of people at the main meeting, who had only come because of the lunch bar. It was a long but worthwhile journey.
Contrast that with the University of Abertay (Dundee) lunch bar the following week. A handful of people with only a couple of non-Christians present. You would think that this would have been very discouraging – think again. Firstly, I was really encouraged by the two mission speakers, Simon Attwood and Lucy Thompson – who were part of my congregation in Dundee during their own student days. Part of the Solas mission is to help train young workers like Simon and Lucy. But even more encouraging was the fact that the two non-Christians turned up at church on Sunday! Never despise the day of small things.

Finally on to Aberdeen, where the CU ran a weeks’ worth of lunch bars and evening talks. I did five talks for the lunch bars. These were well attended with an attentive audience asking lots of questions. It was very stimulating to speak to people who knew little about Christianity and who were very open.
There is no doubt that there is ignorance, opposition and apathy in many of our universities – but there is also an open door, open minds and hearts that are being opened by the Holy Spirit. Andy and I are delighted to share in that work with UCCF.
David Robertson – Associate Director