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Quantum - 103

Quantum 103 – Westminster, McGuinness, Scottish Prostitution and Emotional Abuse.

The Attack in Westminster and some social media reactions. Archbishop Cranmer:  Julia Hartley-Brewer: it’s “bloody stupid beliefs” like prayer which help create acts of terrorism   The Death of Martin McGuinness BBC Talkback – Baroness Eileen Paisley on the death of Martin McGuinness The Telegraph – Martin McGuinness dies at 66: Queen to send private message to […]

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Quantum - 102

Quantum 102 – #ScotRef, Belief-v-Evidence & the BBC Comedians

#ScotRef  #IndyRef2 Mensch on belief and evidence The Spectator – Watch: Louise Mensch’s disastrous Sunday Politics interview Frankie Boyle and Celebrity Atheists BBC on Facebook – “It’s like getting no mayonnaise in your chicken Zinger and blaming it on Colonel Sanders.” Frankie Boyle on why he’s putting celebrity atheists into #Room101.   Tracey Ullman and Baptism […]

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Quantum 99

Quantum 99 – The growing confusion in the culture

    David Robertson rises from his sick bed after a couple weeks to cast an eye over some of the recent media stories which impact on the Christian faith. Facebook ‘muzzling’ Christians? Trump, Sweden and Fake News. Post Truth – Short Answers. Milo Yiannopoulos and the growing sexual confusion in our culture. Sam Allberry, David Bennett […]

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Director’s Report – University Missions

These last few weeks it’s been exciting to walk onto university campus after university campus and to talk to thousands of students about Jesus and the gospel. We’re in the middle of university mission season and so far this year, David and I have been at Edinburgh University, Aberdeen University, Dundee University, Abertay University and, […]

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Quantum 98

Quantum 98 – Anti-Fascism: The new Fascism

  David Robertson picks his way through the links and threads that tie all these topics together… The New Fascism. The New Judge? Same Sex Marriage in the Churches of Norway and England. Transgender Reversion. UK Parliament votes to begin Article 50 Brexit negotiations. Tam Dayell. The Doomsday Clock. Euthenasia murder. Anti-Theist murder.   | […]

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Quantum 96

Quantum 96 – Trump, Streep and the BBC Transgender Documentary

  President Trump, Meryl Streep, the BBC Documentary,” Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?” and Nicola Sturgeon’s commitment to the TIE Campaign are some of the topics David Robertson covers this week before challenging Scottish politicians from all parties to stand up and defend parents and children, in the face of activist pressure and online abuse. For […]

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Quantum 95

Quantum 95 – Ten ‘Prophecies’ for the Church in 2017

Dramatically increasing his stoning prospects, David Robertson doubles-down on the prophecies for 2017. This week’s it’s the prospects for the Church in the West; Mainstream decline. Post-modern evangelicals. American charismatic next big thing. Creflo Dollar won’t be back. Greater unity. Salt and light in the public square. The Reformation. US Evangelicals split over Donald Trump […]

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