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Gordon Wilson

On behalf of the Board of Trustees: It is with sadness and respect that everyone here at Solas CPC remembers Gordon Wilson, who passed away yesterday in Dundee.  Gordon was the co-founder of Solas and served as the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The organisation owes a great deal to his initial impetus […]

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Director’s Report – questions of suffering

As I write these words, the news has been filled with the growing death toll and horrific stories from the Grenfell Tower disaster. Grenfell raises many deeply disturbing questions. How could so many people burn to death right in the heart of one of the most modern cities in the world? How could so many […]

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SP6 cover

Science and Scientism

Has science education become indoctrination? This is the question posed by Dr Alistair Noble in The Solas Papers #6. Dr Noble is a former HM Inspector of Schools for Scotland and now Director of Centre for Intelligent Design. In this Paper, Dr Noble explores the differences between science (as a science) and scientism as a […]

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Quantum - 109

Quantum 109 – Islamist Extremism & Atheist Fundamentalism

Spiked!It’s official:  It’s official. You’re not allowed to say ‘Islamist extremism’ – PM statement following London terror attack: 4 June 2017 Spectator Coffee House Blogs – Labour’s abortion stance is the final straw The Christian Institute –  Farmer banned from market for supporting traditional marriage The Spectator – Do Penises cause climate change? Discuss.

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Quantum - 108

Quantum 108 – Fake News Crocodiles, Blasphemy and a Brace of Presidents.

Zimbabwean Pastor eaten by Crocodile Ian Brady’s Humanist funeral request Stephen Fry and Blasphemy President Macron of France Will President Trump be impeached? Hillary Clinton: Abortion is ‘right and moral’ Obama’s £2.5 mil speech Jakarta’s Christian governor found guilty of blasphemy Transgender Police Caps The Rubbish Party LINKS HeraldScotland – Fake news story takes hold […]

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Andy #6

Four Key Principles for Apologetics

Dr Andy Bannister At its heart, apologetics is beautifully simple and intricately connected to the heart of the gospel. As I’ve wrestled with people’s questions, I’ve learned there are a number of basic principles that apply time and again, no matter who I’m talking with. 1. Know what you believe This is a challenge for […]

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Quantum - 106

Quantum 106 – The World is going nuts. Happy Easter.

The Copt Massacre – An extraordinary response. – A message to those who kill us (Fr. Boules George) Syrian Bombing   African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’ IOM – The UN Migration Agency – IOM Learns of ‘Slave Market’ Conditions Endangering Migrants in North Africa   Sex for Rent BBC – Landlord adverts posted online ‘target […]

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