Three Universities

February 12, 2018

The beginning of the new year has been an exciting time of outreach activities at universities across the country.  It has been particularly joyful for me (David) to get involved with Christian Unions again and engage with questioning students. In the past month I have been to three very different mission… Read more

Our society needs to come to grips with and understand the love of God | The Scotsman

October 5, 2017

|  By David Robertson  | The Prime Minister was mocked for saying that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Such truisms are surely too simplistic for the sophisticated British electorate? The First Minister announced at the Glasgow Pride event at the weekend, “Love is Love” – and was applauded. But what does that… Read more


September 11, 2017

Contemporary Germany may be the European leader, but the Berlin Wall still casts a long shadow over the country’s economic, political and spiritual landscape. BY GAVIN MATTHEWS “Germany’s neighbours have nothing to fear from its new-found strength. Berlin does not want to dominate Europe, but to exercise leadership … something… Read more


July 25, 2017

The only way the Reformation could possibly not still matter, says MICHAEL REEVES, would be if beauty, goodness, truth, joy and human flourishing no longer mattered. Some 120 years after the Reformation got going, some 120 scholars assembled in Westminster to write the necessary documents for a reformed church in… Read more

Gordon Wilson June 26, 2017

On behalf of the Board of Trustees: It is with sadness and respect that everyone here at Solas CPC remembers Gordon Wilson, who passed away yesterday in Dundee.  Gordon was the co-founder of Solas and served as the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The organisation owes a great… Read more

Director’s Report – questions of suffering June 24, 2017

As I write these words, the news has been filled with the growing death toll and horrific stories from the Grenfell Tower disaster. Grenfell raises many deeply disturbing questions. How could so many people burn to death right in the heart of one of the most modern cities in the… Read more

Solas Papers | Science and Scientism | Dr Alistair Noble June 21, 2017

Has science education become indoctrination? This is the question posed by Dr Alistair Noble in The Solas Papers #6. Dr Noble is a former HM Inspector of Schools for Scotland and now Director of Centre for Intelligent Design. In this Paper, Dr Noble explores the differences between science (as a… Read more

Four Key Principles for Apologetics May 15, 2017

At its heart, apologetics is beautifully simple and intricately connected to the heart of the gospel. As I’ve wrestled with people’s questions, I’ve learned there are a number of basic principles that apply time and again, no matter who I’m talking with. 1. Know what you believe This is a… Read more

Director’s Report – University Missions February 9, 2017

These last few weeks it’s been exciting to walk onto university campus after university campus and to talk to thousands of students about Jesus and the gospel. We’re in the middle of university mission season and so far this year, David and I have been at Edinburgh University, Aberdeen University,… Read more

Insight January 2017 January 12, 2017

Insight for January 2017 is now available. Read it online at (embedded below) or download the PDF file. This will be the last PDF version of Insight. We will be moving to a bi-weekly email newsletter soon. To continue receiving the newsletter, make sure you are signed up to… Read more

Why the BBC should not broadcast Muslim prayer November 17, 2016

David Robertson explains why he believes the BBC should resist pressure to increase their coverage of other religions such as Islam The BBC are suggesting that they’re going to increase their coverage of other religions, after complaints that it was too Christian. The aim is to have more coverage… Read more

BBC Radio Scotland – Gordon Brewer interviews Gordon Wilson October 24, 2016

BBC Radio Scotland – Gordon Brewer interviewed Gordon Wilson on yesterday morning’s Good Morning Scotland. This is the short segment at the end of the interview that’s related to SolasCPC.   If you’d like to listen to the full interview, it’s available on the BBC website here: Read more

BBC Radio Ulster – Andy Bannister on Islam and Christianity October 10, 2016

Read more

Insight Sept 2016 September 21, 2016

Insight for Sept 2016 is now available. Read it online at (embedded below) or download the PDF file. This issue contains updates on upcoming training events, new articles and much more. [ddownload id=”6711″ style=”button” button=”black” text=”Download Insight Sept 2016 as a PDF file (%filesize%)”] Read more

Speak Up – The Law and Your Gospel Freedoms September 19, 2016

Speak Up is a new resource from the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith. “We have needed something like Speak Up for a long time. It is balanced, informative,… Read more

PRESS RELEASE: New Director for the Solas Centre for Public Christianity – Dr. Andy Bannister September 1, 2016

Dr. Andy Bannister, former Canadian Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) , has become the new full-time Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity from 1st September 2016. Building on the work of David Robertson whom he succeeds in this role, Andy will lead the Solas team in… Read more

How to read – and understand – the book of Revelation August 8, 2016

It’s a brilliant, if somewhat mad, Francis Ford Coppola film, with possibly the best credits and soundtrack ever. I am of course talking about the Oscar winning 1979 film Apocalypse Now, which is still one of the most powerful films you will ever see. I remember watching it as a… Read more

Europe’s Identity Crisis July 31, 2016

The Crescent, the Cross and the collapse of a civilisation. By DAVID ROBERTSON     It was a wonderful statement from the former Lutheran pastors daughter. She wanted her country to welcome in the refugees from the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. Not for her the paltry 20,000 over five years… Read more


By DAVID ROBERTSON Welcome to the fifth issue of Solas, the magazine that continues to grow and develop! This month, we have the usual range of articles, from politics and ethics, to arts and culture. The main theme is on bioethics, which for some people, at first glance, might not seem… Read more

The Resistible Rise of the New Eugenics. July 31, 2016

DR CALUM MACKELLAR considers the ethics of the editing of human genes in the creation of embryos.  THE word “eugenics”, which is derived from two Greek roots “eu” (good) and “genesis” (birth), describes selection strategies or decisions aimed at affecting, in ways which are considered to be positive, the genetic heritage… Read more

Naming and Shaming – the Named Person Debacle July 29, 2016

Published in Christian Today   29th July 2016 In an astonishing and unusual decision the UK Supreme Court has struck down a Scottish government law, the Named Person Act, by a majority of five to zero. There are many aspects to this case but because it was brought by, among others,… Read more

Tim LaHaye and the end times: What should we believe about the end of the world? July 29, 2016

I knocked on the door which was ajar. My friend was not at home and yet a pan was boiling on the hob, the radio was on, and the house gave every appearance of being occupied. The lines from Larry Norman’s I wish we’d all been ready‘the Son has come… Read more

The burning issue: Why the Church has got to start talking about hell July 25, 2016

Published in Christian Today   25th July 2016 ‘Burn In Hell!’ screamed the tabloid headline as it vented the frustration and wrath of ‘the people’ against a particularly evil individual. It’s strange that despite the lack of teaching about hell in the Church, the idea of hell continues in popular culture.… Read more

Pie in the Sky when you Die? How to understand heaven July 7, 2016

Published in Christian Today   7th July 2016 Have you noticed that every time a celebrity dies (which seems to be occurring at an alarming rate this year – or am I just getting old?) that inevitably the remarks follow about them being in heaven, looking down, playing their guitar etc.… Read more

Insight July 2016 June 30, 2016

Insight for July 2016 is now available. Read it online at (embedded below) or download the PDF file. This issue contains updates on upcoming training events, new articles and much more. [ddownload id=”6304″ style=”button” button=”black” text=”Download Insight July 2016 as a PDF file (%filesize%)”] Read more

Does Christianity stifle creativity? June 21, 2016

Published in Christian Today   21st June 2016  Isn’t it great to be free! Especially free to be creative. Doesn’t religion shackle creativity? Isn’t it just better to be ourselves and express ourselves? So runs the somewhat narrow and simplistic narrative of some of our culture. Does Christianity really stifle… Read more

BBC – Kaye Adams Programme – Orlando / Homophobia? June 14, 2016 Read more

Was Hitler really a Christian? June 13, 2016

Published in Christian Today   10 June 2016 The Hitler challenge: Wasn’t he a Christian? Adolf Hitler: Was he really a Christian? I confess. In last week’s column I sinned, at least against the internet gods. I mentioned Adolf Hitler, thus triggering Godwin’s Law, which states that the minute anyone mentions Hitler… Read more

The Scotsman | It’s time for democracy to make itself felt June 9, 2016

  It’s time for democracy to make itself felt   David Robertson     |   Published in The Scotsman  08 June 2016 IT’S time to Establish a challenge to the power and influence of those who hold the reins of power, says David Robertson Last month I had the privilege of… Read more

Does religion restrict freedom? June 1, 2016

Published in Christian Today   01 June 2016 The word ‘freedom’ is one of the great buzzwords of our culture. In the words of the rock band Queen, we all want to “break free”. Whether it’s Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom” as he is hung, drawn and quartered, or Martin Luther King crying “Free… Read more

How to answer people who say Christians are all hypocrites May 20, 2016

Published in Christian Today   20 May 2016 While the Church is one of the greatest ‘apologias’ for the gospel, it is also often the weakest link. How many people say they cannot believe the gospel because they see those who say they believe acting in a way that is contrary to… Read more

Is Christianity homophobic? May 9, 2016

Published in Christian Today   09 May 2016 The bookstore in Glasgow was packed. The talk on science and the Christian faith went well. The time came for questions. The bookstore manager was desperate to be first – “What do you think about homosexuality?”. “Why are you asking me that?” I… Read more

Is Christianity Regressive? April 22, 2016

Published in Christian Today   22 April 2016 So we have been talking about Jesus, the beginnings of the Church and its history, but what about today? Church was fine in the 19th Century and, in a kind of English country village way, in the 20th. But apart from a few redneck areas… Read more

What have Christians ever done for us? April 15, 2016

Published in Christian Today 15 April 2016 If the Church is supposed to be the ultimate apologetic for Christ (“all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”), it seems as though the case for Christ is very weak! The general attitude is… Read more

Scotsman: Comment: LGBTI discussion more like a rally than a debate April 12, 2016

Comment: LGBTI discussion more like a rally than a debate WORRYINGLY major change to take place without talks, writes David Robertson When is a debate not a debate? That question crossed my mind when I watched the recent LGBTI Scottish Parliamentary leaders debate. The trouble was that there was no… Read more

Did Christianity spread by violence? April 8, 2016

Published in Christian Today   08 April 2016   “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also” Acts 17:6 The life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus would have been useless to us unless we heard about it. Jesus ascending to heaven would just mean that he had gone.… Read more

Gender politics and the gospel: A warning from Scotland April 6, 2016

Gender politics and the gospel: A warning from Scotland David Robertson   |  Published in Christian Today  06 April 2016 Question: When is a debate not a debate? Answer: When there is no debate. Last week all the Scottish parliamentary party leaders spoke at such a ‘debate’. It was organised… Read more

Where is Jesus now? And what is he doing? April 2, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 02 April 2016 It’s the week after Easter. We repeat the joyous affirmation of faith. “Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.” In St Pete’s as we have some Greeks in our fellowship we always use the Greek version – “Christos Anesti…Alithos Anesti.” But then comes the… Read more

Nicola Sturgeon makes gender recognition pledge April 2, 2016

This issue has received widespread reporting in the media.  Here is a selection. BBC News: Nicola Sturgeon makes gender recognition pledge The Scotsman: Nicola Sturgeon unveils new gay rights package The Herald: Scotland to give legal recognition to people who are neither male nor female Daily Record: Nicola Sturgeon vows to reform… Read more

The Bible and Scots Law March 31, 2016

Solas is delighted to release the 5th edition of The Solas Papers. This contribution is made by Solas board member Catriona Walker, who is a solicitor living in Aberdeenshire and working in the charity law sector. [quote]At one time Scotland was known as the land of the Book. It was… Read more

The Dangerous Betrayal of Scotland’s Christian Heritage March 26, 2016

The Dangerous Betrayal of Scotland’s Christian Heritage By David Robertson   It’s Easter.  Time for Easter bunnies, crowded roads and of course Easter chocolate eggs.  But as regards the latter, not for long. Sainsbury’s, Nestle and Cadbury’s have apparently removed Easter from our seasonal chocolate. Why?  These are commercial companies… Read more

The Herald: We have failed to come to terms with the fact that Christendom has gone March 26, 2016

Free Kirk Moderator: We have failed to come to terms with the fact that Christendom has gone Brian Donnelly, Senior News Reporter Scotland’s church leaders should “stop living in denial” about the state of Christianity, the Free Church Moderator has said in his Easter message. Rev David Robertson, the Free… Read more

The Ultimate Evidence: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ March 26, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 25 March 2016 There was a fascinating response to my last article, on miracles. “You have asked what evidence atheists like myself would accept for the existence of God and I have been honest and told you that I don’t know,” wrote one person. “I do know… Read more

The Herald: Leading churchman embarrassed by MSPs protest against Ghana's handling of LGBT issues March 23, 2016

SOURCE: David Ross at Leading churchman embarrassed by MSPs protest against Ghana’s handling of LGBT issues The Free Kirk Moderator has apologised to Ghana’s President for the ‘embarrassing’ behaviour of MSPs during the African leader’s recent visit to Holyrood, and has singled out Tory leader Ruth Davidson for criticism.… Read more

Understanding miracles: Does God break the laws of nature? March 20, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 20 March 2016 The scientist was adamant. “I don’t believe in God, because I have never met anyone healed in answer to prayer”. I was shocked. Not just because it seemed such a strange reason, but also because it was my first public speaking event, after being healed… Read more

Twa Kingdoms: Time for Reflection at the Scottish Parliament March 15, 2016

This is the full text of the “Time for Reflection” given by David Robertson today at the Scottish Parliament.     Presiding Officer, Members of Parliament, as a Free Church minister I think I will find this difficult to keep to four minutes – but we believe in miracles… As… Read more

What is the message of Jesus? Does it change? March 11, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 11 March 2016 Everyone loves Jesus; it’s just the Church they can’t stand. Everyone loves the message of Jesus, if only the Church practised it. In this series so far I hope you can see how we have been gradually climbing the mountain towards greater enlightenment.… Read more

The National: Call to scrap law forcing councils to have church representatives on education committees March 7, 2016

Call to scrap law forcing councils to have church representatives on education committees   MARCH 7TH, 2016 – 12:31 AM ANDREW LEARMONTH  12 COMMENTS SCOTTISH humanists have called on the government to scrap the requirement for local councils to keep three spaces for religious representatives on education committees.Launching its Enlighten… Read more

Jesus: The Ultimate Reason to Believe March 5, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 05 March 2016 The young man at the University of Stirling made an astonishing statement, “OK, you have destroyed my atheism, but what do YOU believe? And why?” It is one of the few times that I have been floored by a question. What would I… Read more

How can we believe in a God who allows evil and suffering? February 27, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 26 February 2016 It was embarrassing. The two humanists on the panel were having a collective nightmare. As we discoursed on the nature of evidence, creation and the Bible, they were struggling more and more to make a coherent case for their atheism. Until at last… Read more

How can we believe in the God of the Old Testament? February 20, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 19 February 2016 It’s like an evangelical rally. The main speaker comes out on to the stage and begins a reading from the book, his voice full of emotion. And the ‘congregation’ respond – often with applause, raising of hands and a standing ovation. You would… Read more

The Scotsman: Too much centralisation – too little democracy February 16, 2016

It’s difficult to understand how ‘big government’ decides where to flash the cash, writes David Robertson This article first appeared in The Scotsman Glasgow got one in 2014, Aberdeen is getting one in 2016 and Edinburgh probably doesn’t need one. My city, Dundee, could desperately do with one. What are… Read more

BBC Radio Scotland: Are we intolerant to Christians in society today? February 15, 2016

BBC Radio Scotland phone-in hosted by Cathy MacDonald on the topic of the growing intolerance in our society towards Christians. David Robertson of Solas CPC and Neil Barber of the Edinburgh Secular Society discuss the issue. First broadcast on 15th February, 2016. Read more

Mail on Sunday – Discrimination against Christians February 15, 2016

This article appeared in the Scottish Edition of the Mail on Sunday on 14 Feb 2016.       Forum for debate? If you’re a Christian, Twitter is the new lynch mob! The Free Church Moderator takes issue with those who would discriminate against religious believers   PICTURE the scene.… Read more

BBC Radio Ulster: Does Dan Walker's Faith impact his ability to remain impartial February 12, 2016

Talkbalk with William Crawley – BBC Radio Ulster. Does BBC Journalist Dan Walker’s faith impact his ability to remain impartial as the new BBC Breakfast presenter? Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland and David Robertson of Solas CPC discuss. This programme was first broadcast on the BBC on 12th February, 2016. Read more

Why the Media need to stop hounding Dan Walker February 11, 2016

This article was printed in Premier Christianity Christian TV presenter Dan Walker has been criticised in the media this week for believing that God created the world. David Robertson responds   Dan Walker is a well kent face if you are into football and enjoy Football Focus on the BBC.… Read more

What to say when someone says the Bible can’t be trusted February 9, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 08 February 2016 “Did God really say…?” “Show me the evidence for God and I will believe” is the claim of the unbeliever, quickly backed up with, “there is/can be no evidence which cannot be explained by science”. Last week we showed that far from science… Read more

What to say when someone says, “Science has disproved God!” January 30, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 29 January 2016 “Show me the evidence.” Last week we looked at why this apparently reasonable request is difficult to answer because of pride (“I am capable of judging the evidence”) and prejudice (“there can be no evidence”). You can read the original article here. The reaction… Read more

What to say when someone asks for proof of God’s existence January 23, 2016

Published in Christian Today – 22 January 2016 “There isn’t enough evidence.” It seems so reasonable. It’s what any sensible person would ask. Where is the evidence? Why should it be so difficult to believe in Christ? Hard core atheism, the belief that there is no God (anti-theism), is difficult to… Read more

Insight newsletter – January 2016 January 21, 2016

The first edition of Insight for 2016 is available now. [ddownload id=”4918″ style=”button” button=”black” text=”Download Insight Jan 2016 as a PDF file (%filesize%)”]     Read more

SET EDUCATION FREE January 21, 2016

It’s time to stand against atheist agenda and regain the vision for education in Europe.  BY DAVID ROBERTSON    The former British prime minister, Tony Blair, once issued the mantra “education, education, education”. At least he recognised how important the subject is. In this he was echoing the priorities of John Knox who declared that where there was… Read more

BBC Radio Scotland – David Bowie and heaven January 14, 2016

Broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, 14th January 2016 Read more

David Bowie’s death, grief, and the frustration of a society that has nothing to offer the lonely January 14, 2016

It was a shock. Of course it was. Make your coffee, switch on the radio and you hearLife on Mars on Radio 4. What had happened? Had Bowie died? Indeed he had. An unconventional celebrity life, with an unconventional celebrity death. In this age of social media, gossip columns and photographers… Read more


Solas book editor GAVIN MATTHEWS talks to acclaimed Christian apologist ALISTER MCGRATH about his new book, Inventing the Universe. Tell us about Inventing the Universe. What is it about, why did you write it, and who is it for?   I wrote it because I wanted to explain the kind of journey I made from… Read more