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Lawrence and the pigs 5 August 2019

But then he just started laughing and made a face that seemed to say, “That story makes no sense.” So I asked him how the leader answered his question, and Lawrence’s laughter came to a sudden stop. He told me the Bible study leader took his question seriously and started by admitting that he wasn’t sure. That impressed Lawrence as humble and sincere. Read more

Outreach in Inverness 3 August 2019

One of the keys to sharing the gospel of Christ in Scotland and around the UK today, seems to be to take the message outside the walls of the church. Wherever we do events in coffee houses, pubs, restaurants, hotels, sports clubs, or other ‘neutral venues’, people who don’t yet believe in Jesus come and listen and engage. Read more

Curry and Conversation 31 July 2019

A great curry and conversation night near Glasgow shows how the church can engage people with the message of Jesus. Read more

The NUA Film Series 29 July 2019

The real heart behind NUA is to enable a better conversation about faith, which will enable young people to dig deeper, explore what they believe, and share honestly Read more

Book: God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God by John Lennox 22 July 2019

As an expert in mathematics, including probability and chaos theory, Lennox analyses and explains the fine tuning of the physical forces and constants of the universe, and the information richness of the genetic code. These facts point to intelligent input Read more

Solas, Rural Ministry and Lee Abbey 17 July 2019

“It was particularly fantastic to have so much time with a group, because you really get to know them and talk in-depth about their situations; specific friends they are trying to share their faith with, particular issues they are dealing with; and to pray with some of them too.” Read more

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It’s Time To Go On The Offensive 15 July 2019

Rather than battening down the hatches, therefore, we need to go on an evangelism offensive. The secular consensus is crumbling, and we must humbly make the most of every opportunity—in the dorm room, at the bus stop, or by the water cooler. But we need to raise our game. Read more

Care, Equality & Freedom: What the Atheist-Psychologist Jonathan Haidt can teach us about Christian Apologetics. 8 July 2019

In today’s culture, people who possess no language of fairness, or compassion, or equality lose every time Read more

My faith, by Justin Brierley 1 July 2019

In the course of all that thinking, reading and debating, some of the things that I believe as a Christian have shifted and changed. Critically though, while I’ve heard every objection to God going, my faith is actually stronger. Read more

Book: More>Truth: Searching for Truth in an Uncertain World by Kristi Mair 24 June 2019

Mair helps us understand so clearly the struggles and contradictions at the heart of our culture’s relationship with truth Read more

Coffee shop scene
Coffee-shop evangelism in Dundee 19 June 2019

After speaking about Jesus, we had a great Q&A, and then conversations went on late into the night.. Read more

Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden 17 June 2019

We can be thrilled by the wonders of the cosmos and the little joys of our daily lives, yet still we yearn for something more. We can suppress it in ourselves and belittle it in others, but it tends to take its revenge, Read more

The Only Failure Is Unfaithfulness 10 June 2019

The measure of our success is nothing less than faithfulness. Whether your church grows in number or not, whether you lead more or less people to Christ this year than last year: the only question that matters is this: were you faithful? Read more

Pioneering Olympian Silvia Ruegger faces cancer with grace, running and an unrelenting faith. 5 June 2019

“I know I am loved. I trust him and his perfect love. There is no room for fear,” Read more

New Book, New Country! Andy Bannister interviews David Robertson (video) 29 May 2019

Andy interviewed David Robertson about his new book, and plans for Australia Read more

Close up of fly
Does ‘Matter’ Really Matter to God? 27 May 2019

If we try and pretend matter doesn’t matter, we get sucked into an unconscious materialism, we treat God’s earth without the respect God gives it, we cease worshipping God with our whole being, and we fail to enjoy God’s material blessings – which are not found in owning and possessing, but in enjoying, receiving and sharing God’s gift of creation Read more

THRIVE: The Gospel in the Workplace 22 May 2019

Learning how to be open about your faith at work, and talking about Jesus without being fired! Read more

Grace versus Karma 20 May 2019

Do we reap what we sow? Do we get what we deserve when we die?Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, India’s contribution to the world, teach that our thoughts and actions have consequences, namely rewards or punishments. Goodness leads to rewards and bad thoughts and actions lead to pain and suffering. This, in a nutshell, is Karma. Read more

Training Pastors in Edinburgh 15 May 2019

If you are reading this, and you are a church leader/minister/pastor, one of the things we want to do at Solas is to be a practical, helpful resource to the church Read more

How Oxford and Peter Singer drove me from atheism to Jesus 6 May 2019

Christianity was also, to my surprise, radical – far more radical than the leftist ideologies with which I had previously been enamoured. Read more

Equip – Youth Apologetics with Scripture Union Scotland 1 May 2019

One of the mistakes the church makes is that we ignore this age-group. We think all they need is pizza and videos, rather than realising that these guys really want to engage with serious issues and big questions Read more

Image of a warrning notice saying "water not safe for drinking!"
Is Evangelism Evil? 29 April 2019

Almost Half of Practicing Christian Millennials Say Evangelism Is Wrong’. The implication seems to be that a whole generation of Christians see evangelism as a poisoned well, from which we are inviting people to drink. Read more

Rosaria Butterfield
‘The most effective tool for sharing the gospel is your home!’ 22 April 2019

By ROSARIA BUTTERFIELD Over the years, we have come to learn this. What stops us from practicing hospitality is our plenty, not our lack. We have too much, and we love too much what we have. Statistics have borne out this truth: meagre homes and poor churches give and gather more; wealthy homes and upscale churches horde and micromanage more. Read more

St Silas Church
Evangelism Training at St Silas, Glasgow 17 April 2019

“What does it mean to be human?” I think that is one of the great questions of our age which pops up all over the place. Read more

Photo of university students in academic gowns
Easter Evidence: Academics who Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus. 15 April 2019

by Vince Vitale If you were to lock a group of atheist philosophers who do not specialize in religion in a room with theist philosophers who do (don’t actually do this, but if you did) and listen to the ensuing debates, you “would have to conclude that the theists definitely… Read more

Why did Jesus have to die?
Short Answers for Easter 10 April 2019

Two of our most popular ever Short Answers have been about Easter. As we approach the Easter season, enjoy these—but why not share them on social media, or show them to friends, colleagues and family as discussion starters?  Read more

Photo of Derek MacIntyre
“My resolute agnosticism crumbled under the weight of the evidence for Jesus” – Derek’s Story 8 April 2019

So I started to look (really look) for this atheistic evidence on Jesus. I trawled bookshops for books on atheism. I scoured atheist websites. I read detailed, hostile reviews of “The Case for Christ”. I listened to and read articles and interviews with well known atheists. I read the New Testament for myself. I read biographies and critiques of Jesus by non-Christians. I did this when I was an agnostic. I still do this today as a follower of Jesus. Read more

Hand holding microphone
New Speaker Opportunity 4 April 2019

Solas is excited to announce that we are actively searching for a gifted speaker to join our ministry. We need someone to work with the growing Solas team to help fulfill the speaking, writing and teaching obligations of Solas (both in terms of evangelism and evangelism training) throughout the country and, where required, further afield. Read more

After Life TV Show Ricky Gervais
TV: Ricky Gervais’ After Life 1 April 2019

Ricky Gervais’ After Life is brilliantly observed and delivered, but it’s message is desperately naive, and utterly insufficient to face the true realities of living” writes Andrew Roycroft. Read more

An Evening with Edinburgh University Islamic Society 27 March 2019

In the last few weeks I have also had the incredibly exciting opportunity of going and speaking at Edinburgh University. This time though, it was not at any of the campus Christian groups, but at the Edinburgh University Islamic Society. The way that meeting came about is hilarious! Read more

Silhouette of a man looking at his laptop
Totali-shame-ism and the End of Mercy 25 March 2019

And here’s the thing. There’s no forgiveness, no mercy, no forgetting. Just a relentless drive to judge and denounce. Read more

The Commission: Christian Men Together 20 March 2019

I think the same is true of evangelism. Fear doesn’t have to be paralysing Read more

John Lennox photo
John Lennox Busts a Myth About Religion, Faith and Science 18 March 2019

Of course, I reject atheism because I believe Christianity to be true. But I also reject it because I am a scientist. How could I be impressed with a worldview that undermines the very rationality we need to do science? Science and God mix very well. It is science and atheism that do not mix. Read more

Aberdeen CU. Launching their mission, dialogue with a sceptic. 13 March 2019

a historian who had seen the damage the church has done when it has tried to manipulate society to enact the vision of some strange kind of theocracy. Understandably he recoiled from it Read more

Book Review: Can we Trust the Gospels?by Peter J. Williams 11 March 2019

In conclusion, then, this is a great little book and should form part of an armoury of resources that will give Christians greater confidence in the reasonableness of their faith. Read more

Calgary University Mission. Andy Bannister reports on a fruitful week 6 March 2019

It was great to see responses during the mission—some people giving their lives to Christ for the first time and about 40 people signed up for the Alpha Course Read more

Living Out: An interview with Ed Shaw 4 March 2019

What I am most encouraged by is that in most big evangelical churches (which we are always told are horrible places for LGBT people to be), there are Christians who are same-sex attracted who are living for Jesus. I’ve been really encouraged to find that to be a reality, in evangelical churches all over the UK. It’s really important to also understand that there are people becoming Christians from the LGBT community, today. Now, some people think that that is an impossibility, but it is happening across the UK, and that is actually what encourages me most Read more

City Skyline
Students, Humanists and Muslims in Edmonton 27 February 2019

It was great to see the students really engaged, the lunch-bars full; and people coming to Christ – all the things we get really excited about. Read more

David Robertson: from Dundee to Down-Under 25 February 2019

The opportunities for evangelism are  tremendous, and that’s what I want to do. Read more

Atlanta skyline
The “Understanding and Answering Islam” summit: Andy Bannister reports 20 February 2019

I always get nervous when Christians just react to Islam, saying ‘Islam is to be feared’ or whatever, rather than seeing that Muslims are people who need Christ explained to them in a way that is compelling and compassionate. Read more

Weight loss photo of scale and apple
Resolution or Revolution? The Power to Change. 18 February 2019

It is what we worship which really governs the trajectory of our lives, not our well intentioned resolutions.. Mere aspirations prove to be powerless in the face of the power of worship, because finally our behaviour will always default to being an expression of what we value most Read more

The Worst Place in the World to be a Christian… 11 February 2019

The worldwide persecution of Christians escalates again as we enter 2019. New Research from Open Doors. Read more

Speaking for God at the ‘high-temple of scientific naturalism’. 6 February 2019

Lots of people have figured out that atheism doesn’t really work but they are not convinced that religion really works either, and so are very, very open Read more

“Disillusioned with Dawkins: My Journey from Atheism to Christianity”: Peter Byrom 4 February 2019

Atheism was looking intellectually weak; and existentially and from a lifestyle point of view it was unfulfilling, silly, cheap and shallow.  Read more

Why Bother With ‘Apologetics’? 28 January 2019

Why bother with apologetics?…. The Bible commands it, the culture demands it, the Church needs it, and the results confirm it. By TIM BARNETT Read more

Solas on The Road, Andy Bannister’s work in Liverpool. 23 January 2019

The gospel at the golf club, evangelism training, talking to non-Christians about Jesus, preaching, a growing church. Andy Bannister reports on an action-packed weekend in Liverpool. Read more

Book Review: The Overstory by Richard Powers 21 January 2019

  500 pages of unremitting present tense action and powerful description.  I was taken with it and found it hard to put down, but ultimately it is frustrating.  Read more

“For The Love of God: How the Church is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined”: Film Review 14 January 2019

CPX are to be congratulated on the way in which they have stepped so nimbly across this historical minefield, and produced such a stimulating, thought-provoking film, which is both visually stunning and academically rigorous. Read more

Sharing the Gospel on Radio Orkney! 11 January 2019

Andy Bannister recently appeared on Cameron Stout’s radio show, to talk about music, life, faith and meaning. Enjoy the show! Read more

Glasgow Cathedral & Christmas Carols with Students 7 January 2019

It was a huge privilege to share the message of the gospel of Jesus with so many students! Read more

“I hated God, but God loved me!” Nathaniel’s Story 31 December 2018

An angry sceptic, discovers God’s love for him, at university. Nathaniel’s story! Read more

I Saved Christmas! 22 December 2018

Jeremy Suisted saved Christmas, Father Christmas to be exact. But why was Santa breaking into a car, and what has that got to do with real life? Read more

Andy Bannister Reports on Recent Work in Canada 17 December 2018

Toronto, Ottawa, University Missions, brand new Christians, nine hundred young Coptic Christians! Read about Andy Bannister’s extraordinary week back in Canada. Read more

“A War of Loves”: In Conversation with David Bennett 13 December 2018

I am addicted to the joy of God. I think Christian joy is ultimately about union with God, knowing this incredible joy that He has. … It’s hard to describe what it looks like; but I would say that it looks like a human being, fully alive, which doesn’t require sex! Read more

Christmas Adverts: Some Gifts Are More Than Just a Gift 10 December 2018

These adverts showcase the aspirations and values of our nation, writes SARAH ALLEN.  They are a picture of the yearnings that we all share. Read more

Debating Atheists at St Andrews University: a fascinating exchange of views 3 December 2018

By DAVID ROBERTSON Last month I had the privilege of speaking at this debate in St Andrews – I believe it was the first of this kind that the CU have organised. I loved it. The place was relatively full, the chairman was excellent and my opponent, Dr Manfredi La Manna, reader of Economics at University of St Andrews, was pleasant, affable and spoke well. However I found his arguments quite astonishing. Read more

Sorry, not sorry! 26 November 2018

By ANDREW ROYCROFT – This is the new way to apologise – be outrageous, speak malignantly and abusively, push the edges of gratuitousness, and then as the verbal bomb detonates deny that you really meant to plant it in the first place. Read more

Exploring The God Question – Review 19 November 2018

This high-quality video series manages to cover a very wide range of topics and perspectives within the broad area of science and religion, and it does so, in the main, very well indeed. Read more

Confident Christianity Conference Report 12 November 2018

Almost three hundred people came to Dundee for the Confident Christianity Conference on Nov 3rd. Read more

“Christians seemed to have better answers than nihilism, scientism or atheism”: Cole’s Story 6 November 2018

I couldn’t explain through science alone where morality came from, or why humans feel such a desperate desire to find meaning and purpose. I held that atheism and therefore nihilism was true, but saw the inconsistency of my own strong conscience and need for meaning. Christians seemed to have better answers as to where to find meaning and purpose than nihilism, scientism or atheism. Read more

“Exhilarating and Exhausting”: Andy Bannister on Six Days of Mission in Plymouth 29 October 2018

I’ve just got back from doing a mission in Plymouth, and it was an amazing week. I spoke 21 times in 6 days and although it was exhausting, it was incredibly exciting! We were mostly involved in outreach and had the privilege of speaking in schools, in universities, and evangelistic… Read more

Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ – a depressing view of our Humanity 22 October 2018

BY SARAH ALLEN – Harari’s rejection of meaning offers no hope for this chaos, but unintentionally points us in the right direction.   We humans desperately need meaning because we are cooperating and communicating persons made in the image of the personal three-in-one God.   We need to know that our values of love and justice and our feelings of pain and compassion are not part of a lifeless algorithm, or a convenient myth, but have significance beyond our brain chemistry Read more

Believing, belonging, speaking: how true community commends Christianity 15 October 2018

Christians want to share their faith in Jesus with others. ANDREW ROYCROFT explains why a renewed vision of the church as a community is essential for that to happen, and how a depleted vision of church, makes it harder. Read more

God is a ‘Father to the Fatherless’: Phil’s Story. 10 October 2018

Phil’s faith was tried and tested when his Dad died suddenly when he was 21. The result is that today he has an infectious enthusiasm for Jesus. Read his story in his own words. New on the Solas blog. Read more

The Advocate: CSW’s Mervyn Thomas 1 October 2018

Mervyn Thomas has spent almost four decades in the fight for freedom of religion. He spoke to Solas about his work, his faith, and why as a Christian, he is motivated to serve people of all faiths and non Read more

Redeeming an Unmentionable Word? 24 September 2018

By GAVIN MATTHEWS – One of the key words Jesus used is now considered taboo in our culture, and an embarassment in our churches. Can we recover its life-giving meaning? Read more